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BHN Offshore Services Pvt. Ltd. 104-B, Mittal Towers, 10th Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021, Maharashtra, India

Tel: +91-22-40781700(10 Lines)
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BHN Offshore Services Sdn. Bhd. Unit No. B-1-12-3A, Soho Suits @ KLCC, No. 20, Jalan Perak, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: +603 2181 5117
Fax: +603 2181 5117
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Welcome to BHN Offshore Services Pvt. Ltd.

Group Company of BHN
Ship Management
BHN Group has grown steadily in stature and competency. Today the BHN Group is recognized as one of the leaders in ship management innovation, technology and expertise.

With a complement of experienced we provide a full range of comprehensive ship management services to international clients all over the world. Now encompasses a network of corporate vehicles engaged in ship management, chartering, operation, repairs & dry docking and upgrading, technical maintenance and safety at sea of a growing fleet of various vessels. Other peripheral activities such as insurance, P&I and claims handling, agency services, quality bunker supplying, lubricants and provisions to the fleet, the computerized freight management and accounting services are covered in-house by skilled and trained personnel.

BHN Group manages a diverse fleet of vessels including Offshore Vessels, bulk carriers of all sizes and type, general cargo vessels and experience in operations.

We are also representative office of shipowners and some of traders which following all trade possibilities for marine and international trade facilities. In a very short time since the setting-up of our organization, we have developed direct business relations with first class charterers, major grain companies, mineral and coal traders and have established a satisfactory cooperation with well-established brokers in leading maritime centers.

We are providing quality assured ship management services to international clients, with due regard to cost efficiency, professionalism, safety and environmental pollution prevention. The mission of our ship management services is to keep our principals' ships running in excellent and efficient condition at competitive costs.

We have been highly successful in achieving its stated objectives, closely monitoring marketing reports our team is able to prepare analyses for management tonnages and projects for the future market trends thus helping management to set the course of our strategy in the short, medium and long term.

Believe that dedication and hard work with professionalism by teamwork is the main key of a golden success in management.


BHN's primary activity is Commercial Ship management Services. We manage vessels of all categories for various ship owners throughout the world but mainly bulk carriers and general cargo types

What we do:



Combine's commercial management service offers a full range of services from the initial fixture, voyage calculation and post-fixture operation, through to freight and charter hire collection, accounts control, appointment of agents, bunkering, Monitoring and servicing the vessel during the sea and port time ,provision of running budgets for the vessels and full running cost accounts including budget comparisons with comments, balance sheet and profit and loss statement. Accounts are provided at regular and so many others. An excellent intelligence network has been established around the world providing our principals with a competitive edge. Post-fixture work includes vessel operation, voyage calculation, the calculation and collection of hire and freight, computations of demurrage/dispatch, correspondence with charterers, appointment of agents, handling of cargo claims, performance analysis , preparing annual and monthly budget plans. The Operations Department is responsible for expediting and servicing the vessel from the very beginning of her fixture, through to the final completion of the voyage in conformity with the preparation of charter parties. In order to fulfill these duties the Operation's team cooperates with the other departments in the company and while also maintaining constant contact with charterers and vessels

•    Coordination with third parties including terminal and inspectors
•    Communication with Charterers Inter-company services to his ship
•    Preparing voyage instruction forms
•    Cargo stowage and load conditions

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